Gaddafi’s cousin accuses UN: “the challenge now is to save Libya, because the boat is sinking “

” It is clear that targeting the High National Electoral Commission is a message from those who don’t want  to be held elections because they already know that the results will not be in their favor. The world knows the modus operandi of terrorist organizations and knows who is the author and who applauded it. After 7 years the United Nations, responsible for NATO missiles, insists on the continuation of this absurd serial. We hold them responsible for all these deaths, stolen money, looted coffers, the suffering that our people are experiencing and the pain we suffer every day, in particular for 1 million and 700 thousand cancer patients, because of the raids on Libya in 2011, in which were  launched missiles internationally banned, as demonstrated by scientific tests carried out in France and Germany. This is their moral responsibility, every day we continue to receive ships of carcinogenic material and food, the last cargo arrived from Turkey. I believe the war against our people has turned into a biological war. This is what we are witnessing and it’s documented that all this happens under the Government supported by the Security Council which remains silent. For this we accuse the United Nations, guilty of participating in the genocide against our people”. To speak is Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam,  the loyal cousin of Muammar Gaddafi, leader of the National Front who lived 50 years alongside Gaddafi, speaking from Cairo immediately after the terrorist attack in Tripoli.

Do you think there will be other attacks in Libya?

“Libya with the intervention of  NATO countries has begun to fill up of mercenaries from all over the world, extremists, mafias that smuggle weapons and heroin, becoming fertile ground for global terrorism and the main resource for its funding. They are the holders of the reins of power in Libya and continue to guard this lie “.

-Last days have been reported the death of Wissam Ben Hamid, exponent of the Shura of Benghazi, a terrorist association that includes members of al-Qaeda …

“The Libyan news media confirm that Wissam Ben Hamid is alive and resident in Turkey with other leaders of extremism. Unfortunately, most of these extremist groups are sponsored by Turkey and funded by Qatar, such groups entering Libya through Sudan and Tunisia. They use Islam to control the minds of young people. Remember that all the victims, from Baghda to Tanga, were Muslims and all the destruction takes place in countries with a Muslim majority. So the question is: who cares about this war? “.

Elections: better to wait or speed up?

“The challenge now is to save Libya because the boat is sinking. We don’t see seriousness on the part of Security Council, who brought us here without apologizing to Libyans. His envoys are prolonging the conflict and are not interested in putting an end to it. The intervention of foreign countries feed and worsen the situation, exacerbating divisions. It’s no longer comprehensible”.

The fourth meeting of the quartet was held recently in Cairo. How do you evaluate the joint work of the European Union, African Union, Arab League and United Nations?

“The quartet’s meetings remind me of the meetings of Friends of Libya in 2011 , a home comedy to save face and appearances in front of the media, in a repetitive and boring way, talking about increasing security and giving hope. We are asking them to take their hands off Libya. Being an African country, the African Union is the only party in which we trust in its interest in peace, Libya is a founding member and its charter allows the Union to intervene in the country and put an end to the conflict”.

We know that he recently wrote a letter to the UN Secretary-General on the risk of spreading cancer in Libya. Are there any news?

I sent a letter to the General Secretary of United Nations about the humanitarian disaster resulting from  NATO intervention of 2011 which, as I said, has made 1 million and 700 thousand Libyans  sick of cancer. This is confirmed by research centers in Germany and France. NATO countries responsible for these atrocities must provide immediate medical support. I trust the General Secretary, Antonio Guterres, and I urge all the humanitarian, environmentalist and animal welfare organizations to help us to limit the disaster, just as the World Health Organization to investigate”.


Last week the Government of National Accord (GNA) issued a decision inviting all Libyan political refugees abroad to return home. Is this valid also for you and Gaddafi family?

“The Libyan reality for its miserable living conditions, the high price of bread and fuel, the lack of liquidity in the banks and the control of territory in the hands of armed bands does not encourage the return of a third of the currently refugee population abroad. We are grateful for this decision which must be supported by the general amnesty issued by the House of Rapresentatives”.

Sarkozy’s Scandal: has everything been said? Are there any other politicians who have received funding from Gaddafi?

“French people refuse to recognize that they have ever elected Sarkozy . The scandal is full of irregularities, from Liliane Betancourt up to Qatar file, including St. Germain Club. As I have always said, Sarkozy is not an exception, just as Libya is not. These vicissitudes are part of Western democracy at all levels, from companies to private individuals. We want that the French people apologize for the destruction and prosecute those responsible for these crimes that have affected everything, primarily the bilateral relations between France and Libya, common interests, but above all for illegal immigration, for the tens of thousands of victims, for the terrorist attacks that have affected Europe, including Nice and Paris. Those terrorists were coming out from Libya, this is important. We must correct our mistakes and work together for the future, recognizing that colonialism is a failed project that doesn’t fit civil and free peoples”.

On April 30 , you dedicated a beautiful post on your Facebook page for the anniversary of death of Saif al- Arab Gaddafi. That day of 2011, Muammar Gheddafi made a harsh speech against Italy and Berlusconi, have you forgiven us?

The anniversary of death of Saif al-Arab is an example of NATO’s 30,000 raids on our country. We must forgive, but we will not forget. The same is for Silvio Berlusconi, he had signed with us the Treaty of Friendship , with which he apologized for the horrors of Italian fascist period, he was the only NATO leader to acknowledge the error publicly. We welcome his return to the political scene and we hope to cooperate with him to correct the mistakes made and to ensure that Italy returns to being historically close and peace will win “.

During a recent trip to Libya we learned that the Libyan people have a strong desire to forget the past and look ahead, yet in many swear to vote for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi if he were to run for elections. How do you explain that?

“Our people today bite the hands for regret  peace, longing for life, stability and well-being. Libyans learned a strong lesson and understood that it was a trap. They will no longer accept these traitors who have sold their country. Now we must continue to work with everyone to try to build a single new state for all Libyans. We do not aspire to power, but we accept the system chosen by the Libyans. We do not fight for domination, but we are trying to recover a homeland that is escaping us more and more from our hands every day. Leave us alone … “ .

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